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Innovation, policy and strategy for

Geospatial and Earth Observation Communities


As leaders strive to achieve their goals, we offer valuable support by serving as an extension to their organisations. Our services are designed to enable strategy implementation and free up valuable time for our clients. 


We engage in long-term projects and programmes that involve local stakeholders while maintaining a positive impact on communities and the environment. We are committed to ensuring client profitability without compromising our values.


Our focus is on working with organisations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Our role is to assist and empower our clients in their mission to tackle environmental and socioeconomic challenges using geospatial data, tools and services including Earth Observations (EO). 

Geospatial innovation and solutions


Réseau aims to leverage the knowledge, experience and extensive network of our founder and CEO, Steven Ramage, who has been involved in location data, tools, and services for almost three decades. Steven has held leadership roles at major players in the industry, including Here, 1Spatial, Ordnance Survey International, and what3words, as well as prominent international organisations such as the OGC, United Nations, World Bank, and GEO.

Drawing on this wealth of experience, Réseau seeks to advance geospatial innovation and solutions, particularly in the realm of Earth Observations (EO). We also aim to serve as a think tank, offering a voice to practitioners from low and middle-income countries who are often underrepresented in the discourse surrounding climate, environmental, and supply chain challenges. By providing insights and an evidence-based approach, we hope to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.



UN Environment Programme Science Policy
UN Environment Programme GRID Geneva
Picterra geospatial analytics solutions
Space Intelligence
German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ


Digital Earth Africa
Digital Earth Pacific
Group on Earth Observations
The GEO Land Degradation Neutrality Flagship (GEO-LDN)
GFOI Global Forest Observations Initiative
Radiant Earth Foundation
unfcc resilience frontiers

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