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The geospatial industry, particularly in the area of Earth Observations (EO), has experienced significant growth over the past few decades. Réseau's team has grown alongside these developments and now collaborates with both private and public sector organisations around the world. We are fortunate to work with clients who share our values and with whom we can provide distinct, value-added services.


We believe it is important to partner with clients who are committed to environmental stewardship and addressing climate change, as well as promoting long-term sustainability. Additionally, we prioritise collaborating with organisations that offer fair and equitable employment opportunities and equal treatment for their staff. Our guiding principle is to connect with purpose, and these shared values help us attract clients who align with our mission.

Commercial Clients

International Organisations

geo ldn

Steven Ramage, CEO of Réseau, has received a contract from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as a Strategy Consultant. Steven's role is to provide support for communications aimed at engaging stakeholders in the crucial field of land degradation neutrality (LDN). This work aligns with the efforts of GEO LDN which focuses on addressing land degradation. As part of our project, we aim to collaborate with organisations worldwide that use Earth observations (EO) to make informed decisions regarding LDN. Specifically, we seek partnerships with those involved in integrated land use planning, as it plays a significant role in promoting evidence-based approaches to LDN.


NASA Systems Engineering Office (SEO)


NASA SEO provides systems engineering leadership and support to the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) through management and technical services, and the development of tools for societal benefit. Réseau has been supporting NASA SEO with the CEOS communication strategy and thinking connected to the cloud-based geospatial landscape for space agencies.

Picterra digital solutions

Picterra is an established provider of digital transformation solutions that underpin operational efficiency, internal process improvement and connect Earth observations (from satellites, drones and aerial imagery) data to practitioners using the data or advising clients.


The Picterra platform is tried, tested and trusted by a range of enterprise clients around the globe, such as Fugro, General Motors and the World Bank. Picterra is one of the leaders in geospatial machine learning and is also supporting the geospatial community through the World Geospatial Industry Council.


Réseau is providing business development, market positioning and additional visibility for Picterra and their solutions via the Réseau network.

"We want to work with industry-leading organisations who can deliver impact. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are hugely important for digital transformation to be successful, so we were delighted with the opportunity to collaborate with Picterra."

Steven Ramage, founder and CEO of Réseau
Space intelligence

Space Intelligence supports nature-based solutions projects worldwide through their advanced product offering, using unique expertise at the intersection of satellite data analytics, artificial intelligence, and forest ecology. Their passion for climate projects and heritage in science and technology ensure excellence in their offering to provide clients with the answers to their business critical questions.

satellite data analytics
Space Intelligence
The World Bank
Natural disaster
The World Bank

World Bank - Digital Earth Partnership


Réseau is supporting the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) in mobilising key partnerships for the Digital Earth Partnership (DEP). The DEP aims to enhance the resilience of vulnerable countries and communities to climate change and natural hazard disasters through greater access to and adoption of frontier Earth observation tools and services.


Réseau is supporting UNEP/GRID-Geneva in establishing partnerships for the Global Sand Observatory. This is a formal 'sand sustainability network' to help shape a shared global vision where sand is used with respect for life, ecosystems, and the needs of future generations.


The collaboration aims to bring together all key stakeholders, including the private sector, through a Pioneers Group, in support of this vision.

Global Sand Observatory

Steven Ramage, CEO of Réseau, is now a Senior Adviser to the United Nations (UN) Science Policy Business Forum (SPBF). Having supported UN SPBF for the last several years via the Big Data Working Group, it's a great opportunity to work alongside other senior contributors including Johan Rockström and Shereen Zorba who leads the UN SBPF.

This work is increasingly important at such a critical time when we are tackling the triple planetary crisis of climate, biodiversity loss and pollution; Steven's role is to advance awareness and action.

Data for the Environmental Alliance

Réseau is collaborating with Vizzuality, an impact-driven design and technology agency specialised in creating bespoke science-based data visualisations and digital tools that inspire learning and promote a sustainable and fair future.


Réseau will build on Vizzuality’s 13 years of experience working with world-changing organisations. Together, we will help to strategically position them in high-level scientific and technology spaces, creating meaningful connections in key decision-making arenas.

Vizzuality design and technology agency
science-based visualisations and digital tools

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Réseau and leverage their extensive network and expertise in the data, technology, and sustainability sectors. Réseau is the perfect partner to support our journey in expanding our reach and connections in critical decision making circles. We look forward to working together as we form meaningful relationships and coalitions with key organisations and influential individuals in sustainability."

Craig Mills, CEO of Vizzuality
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