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Aila Raquel set to be the First Woman in Latin America to Launch a Satellite into Orbit

Updated: Jun 19

Alya Space USPACE Technology Group
Mr. Sun, co-founder and President of USPACE Technology Group Limited and Aila Raquel, Founder and CEO of Alya Space, shaking hands to the successful completion of the rigorous testing phase of the first satellite, ALYA - BR.

Aila Raquel, founder of Alya Space and an Associate of Réseau Consulting, is one of the only female entrepreneurs in the Brazilian space sector and has achieved phenomenal success in in her activity of Earth observation with nano-satellites. We join her in celebrating her latest achievement, with her first satellite due to launch into orbit this December 2024!

This milestone marks a significant step forward in the partnership between USPACE Technology Group Limited and Alya Space, demonstrating their shared vision for space exploration and technological innovation.

Alya Space's first satellite ALYA – BR has undergone a series of comprehensive tests to ensure that it meets the highest standards of reliability and performance, thanks to the expertise and dedication of the USPACE Technology Group team. With the successful completion of these tests, the satellite is scheduled to launch in December 2024, from a Chinese Launch Centre.

Aila Raquel

“As CEO of Alya Space, it is a moment of immense pride to see our vision become a reality. This achievement is not only a technological feat, but also a step forward towards expanding access to space, driving technological breakthroughs, inspiring the next generation of scientists, contributing to global challenges, and promoting incredible solutions for the good of humanity. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and making a significant impact on our world”

Aila Raquel, Founder of Alya Space

ALYA – BR will test cutting-edge technologies, such as their advanced optical system, new communications equipment, robust cybersecurity measures, and innovative calibration techniques. It will also conduct experiments with on-board cleaning systems, all with the aim of providing critical Earth observation data.

In addition, ALYA – BR is designed to extend its operational lifetime, paving the way for an ambitious plan to launch a constellation of 216 satellites.

Alya Space

This is just the beginning of Alya Space's journey to create a robust and sustainable space infrastructure 🚀

If you are interested in joining Réseau's growing network of Associates, who are all female geospatial professionals from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, please get in touch to find out more about how we can support you.


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