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Alya Space Signs Contract with Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group

Alya Space

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited and ALYA SPACE has signed a contract worth over 600 million dollars to build Alya-1, a constellation of 108 satellites.

Congratulations to Aila Raquel, one of the only female entrepreneurs in the Brazilian space sector and a Réseau Associate, on this groundbreaking deal for her company Alya Space.

Extraction of part of the public announcement document:

“The Board is pleased to announce that, on 16 October 2023, the Company entered into the Alya-1 System Contract with Alya. Pursuant to which the Group agrees to provide overall design for satellite network, satellite manufacturing, as well as coordination and facilities for satellite launching in respect of the communication and remote sensing satellite network in South America (Alya-1 System) for the construction of the Alya-1 System, which comprises the manufacturing of 108 integrated communication and remote sensing satellites and the construction of a satellite management centre, a satellite data processing center as well as two ground stations, for the Total Contract Price of approximately US$675 million.”

The first satellites will be launched from Jiu Quan in China in March 2024. The Alya-1 constellation is a hybrid active-passive constellation of low-orbit, high-frequency satellites that combines optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar to form a dynamic, near-real-time monitoring system in all weather conditions. Alya Nanosatellites will establish specialized applications for the dynamic monitoring system driven by real-time satellite communication and navigation requirements, achieving refined full-cycle monitoring management with a time of 10 minutes between satellite passes, being able to monitor diverse situations that require constant monitoring.

In addition to the satellites, Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group will also build two Ground Stations, and also a manufacture centre, which will be located in the north-east and south-east of Brazil to monitor its constellation.

Alya Space contract with Hong Kong Aerospace

Aila says: “The planet is experiencing a series of problems due to climate change that require immediate solutions, especially Brazil and China, which have extensive territories and large forests that are responsible for the global climate balance. We are also committed to boosting human beings, with their incredible abilities, to solve complex problems in space, bringing great solutions to earth. By empowering human beings and solving big problems, we are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda in many of its objectives. And as a female leader in the space sector, I also have the challenging objective of inspire many girls and women to take on more leadership roles, doing what they have chosen, bringing countless solutions to humanity.”

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG), is Hong Kong's first commercial aerospace enterprise who focus on satellite constellation engineering and precise satellite manufacturing. Having five technical centres and manufacturing bases, namely Hong Kong Satellite Manufacturing Centre, Space Environmental Monitoring Centre, Satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Control Centre (TT&C), Centre for Satellite Data and Applications and Precise Electronic Manufacturing Centre. Aiming for global commercial aerospace service, they have a strong purpose to improve the world's aerospace industry.


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