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Aila Raquel

Aila is one of the only female entrepreneurs in the Brazilian space sector, and a pioneer in her activity of Earth observation with nano-satellites, in the search for solutions for natural disasters (floods and fires), recurrent in several regions of Brazil (Amazonia and Atlantic Coastal), among other global issues.

Aila began implementing her space project in 2019 after graduating from a Silicon Valley startup accelerator, the Founder Institute. Soon after, after winning a Brazilian air force competition, the Amazonia Challenge 4.0 - 2020, she joined the Air Force Institute for Advanced Studies (IEAv) for two years, maintaining an agreement of understanding (M.O.U. 2020-2022) with Brazil's aeronautics science and technology department (DCTA).

Aila has given inspiring lectures at over 30 events in 10+ different countries, and has received a certificate from the French government for being a talented entrepreneur and an innovative project. In Brazil, Aila is a founding member of the Startups Alliance of the Brazilian Space Sector. She is a member of international associations, the StellarModal Transportation Association, with high-performing members in the international space sector, a French-Brazilian association, 14bis Aerospace, Space Hero and Moon Village, which considers global partnerships as a driver for mutual development, establishing business associations with more than 30 companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and The Americas. Aila is committed to developing a space company that will strengthen the global economy.

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Aila Raquel
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