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Pooja Pandey

Pooja Pandey is a remote sensing and GIS specialist with a focus on sustainability and humanitarian applications. She works as a senior remote sensing and GIS officer at Impact Initiatives, an international NGO focused on humanitarian needs, specifically in conflict regions. Currently, Pooja is working on using various imagery sources, along with GIS tools, in projects in the horn of Africa, where there is a remote sensing requirement to drive decision-making, specifically in climate resiliency and humanitarian use cases.

Pooja has over 5 years' experience working within the sector, her previous role was at Planet where she was a solutions engineer and product manager. She worked with end users across verticals to understand their requirements, and inform Planets roadmap strategy for the future of the platform. Pooja has also undertaken capacity building for various governmental and non governmental organisations, by running basic training of remote sensing data. She was also the technical point of contact on the NICFI contract.

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Pooja Pandey
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