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Omowonuola Akintola

Omowonuola Akintola is a geospatial professional who is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and contribute to social impact. 

She currently works as a Geospatial Data Analyst with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). Her current work focuses on promoting and facilitating the use of open geospatial data to support local stakeholders and actors in the West and Northern Africa Region, specifically in impact areas including public health, sustainable communities, gender equality, disaster and climate resilience. In her previous role as a consultant in the private sector, she contributed to renewable energy projects in Ethiopia and Nigeria, offering her expertise in mapping and spatial analysis for local and global organisations. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Omowonuola co-founded Thegisgirl, a social initiative committed to fostering diversity by bridging the knowledge gap and empowering women through geospatial education. 

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Omowonuola Akintola
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