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Marwa Farouk ElKabbany

With over 16 years of experience, Marwa has excelled in creating geospatial roadmaps and implementing acclaimed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects.

Marwa is currently the Principal Geospatial Consultant at Ordnance Survey. Throughout her career she has efficiently managed all stages of Project Development Life Cycle, applying geo-spatial intelligence technologies, and fostering stakeholder collaborations. Notably, she worked at UAE's Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Statistics Centre (FCSC). With a background encompassing +12 years in GIS consultancy and project management, including a stint at Esri Northeast Africa, Marwa brings diverse expertise.

Marwa is an Egyptian resident of the UAE, holding an MSc from Lund University, Sweden, focusing on "Modeling Potential Impacts of Long-Term Sea Level Rise." Presently, she is embarking on a study around mobility data and air quality extracted from satellites, actively engaging in international committees linked to geospatial intelligence and sustainable development. Additionally, she is a board member of Earth Observation for SDGs (EO4SDGs), an international initiative spearheaded by NASA's SDG Program.

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Marwa Farouk ElKabbany
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