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Letwin Pondo

Letwin Pondo is a rising star in the geospatial world, passionate about bridging the gap between technology and community. An avid OpenStreetMap (OSM) contributor working with the Open Mapping Hub – Eastern and Southern Africa, Advisor and Mentor to YouthMappers Zimbabwe and the founder of Ladies In Maps Zimbabwe, she empowers youth and women to harness the power of spatial data for positive change.

Letwin champions open source tools and promotes collaborative mapping initiatives. She actively engages in research, advocating for equitable access to geospatial data and its role in sustainable development. Driven by a thirst for innovation and collaboration, Letwin's contributions extend beyond mapping. As a Marketing Manager for the #EveryDoor OSM app, she promotes data collection and visualisation for climate resilience.

Beyond technical expertise, Letwin is a captivating speaker, sharing her knowledge and igniting passion for geospatial solutions through workshops, podcasts, and conferences.

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Letwin Pondo
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