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Keren Asaba

Keren Asaba is a dynamic professional dedicated to leveraging technology for social good, with a focus on youth empowerment and climate action. Currently working with UNICEF, she supports initiatives like the African Drone and Data Academy, and Green Yoma, which aim to support youth, particularly girls, in their journey from earning to learning. These projects equip young people with technical skills, including drone and data technology expertise, essential for today's digital landscape.

With a background in Geosciences, Keren specialises in climate change mitigation and adaptation, utilising her proficiency as a drone pilot and geospatial data analyst. She also extends her expertise as a consultant for the World Bank, contributing to the advancement of drone technology initiatives worldwide.

Keren's professional journey has taken her to Nigeria, where she worked as a drone pilot and data analyst, focusing on mapping and facility inspection within the natural resource sector.

Keren is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in her field and is an active Women in Geographical Information Systems (WiGIS) Uganda member. Within WiGIS, she serves on the Innovations Taskforce, leveraging her position to empower fellow members through knowledge sharing and mentorship in data science.

With her passion for technology, commitment to youth empowerment, and dedication to environmental sustainability, Keren Asaba continues to make significant strides in driving positive change at the intersection of innovation and social impact.

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Keren Asaba
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